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New England Music Awards, "Pop Act Of The Year," nominee                                                       2023!

Allie Jason is a 28 year old singer-songwriter, producer/engineer, performer, and all around creative. Currently residing in Massachusetts, where she was born and raised, Jason continues to perform around her local venues, as well as writing, recording, and producing her own material. At the moment, she has 1 EP, 2 albums, and a couple singles out, which you will be able to locate on this site. 

Since the wee age of 6, Jason found her love for singing, which she would do any chance she could; whether that be in school on the playground, at home in her room, in the shower, absolutely anywhere! 

Jason began her journey as a musician in 1st grade when she had her first guitar lesson, and the rest is history. She also around that time took a very large amount of acting and dancing classes; performing in plays at school, as well as local theaters. These classes consisted of Film Acting, Broadway Kids, Comedy Improv, Break-dancing, Ballet, and so on.

Leaving her acting career behind sophomore year of high school, she decided to dedicate her time and career mainly to music. Jason started writing her own music at the age of 11,  producing her own music at the age of 14, and throughout the years has continued to practice, perfect, and fine tune her craft. 

Flash forward to after high school, Allie has performed solo in places such as Birdland Jazz Club in NYC, as well as venues in Nashville, New Hampshire, and North Carolina. In 2019 she appeared in Cotuit Center for the Arts' production of , "We Are The Champions: A Musical Tribute to Queen," as 1 out of 3 Freddie Mercury's. She was also involved with a Cape Cod local band called, "The Walrus and the Carpenter," for about 5 1/2 years, where they performed around New England, including places such as Desmond's Tavern in Manhattan, NY, and The Living Room in Boston, MA. 

As of this past year, Jason has broken away from the band life and moved onto focusing on her solo career, which started with being a contestant in The Music Room's "Unsung Heroes," vocal competition, as well as performing on Thursdays at The Barley Neck Inn in Orleans, MA. 

Since, Jason has been seen all around the Cape, & this year moving into areas such as Rhode Island, Boston, and the South Shore! 

Her newest single, "Best Thing That I Ever Did," released in September of 2022, has hit the radio waves since it's release on a bunch of college radio stations, underground stations, & some major stations across the country.

Stay tuned for there is always new music on the way!

If you look at the bottom of the page you'll see icons. These icons will take you to her socials so you can keep up on upcoming events, releases, and just day to day life. Feel free to give her a follow and stay up to date! Thank you for your interest and your visit to the site!

Much love!

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